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Church Partnerships

H.I.S. Home for Children was started by Hal & Chris Nungester to provide a refuge for as many children as they could - knowing, for Haiti, that the commitment might be a baby's entire childhood and to provide Christian discipleship as the children are offered new life in Christ.


All of our children attend a Christ-centered education. Older children are integrated into Haitian schools.

H.I.S. Home is governed by a U.S. Board of Directors that would love to represent H.I.S. Home to your Mission Board, Church meeting, or Pastoral Staff - on-site if possible. We would also welcome escorting a member of your Church on your first trip to Haiti or provide all the information you need to visit H.I.S. Home.


We have an annual reunion in Lima, Ohio every summer that attracts H.I.S. Home alumni and their adoptive families. This would be a wonderful time to observe the fruits of this ministry.


To talk more about partnering with H.I.S. Home for Children please

email Hal Nungester @Email Hal, or call Mike Spindler at 505-205-7584.

Haitian Interdenominational Shelter
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