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  HIS Home For Children is a licensed Christian home for orphaned, abandoned, and needy children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. More than half of our children have serious medical conditions requiring specialized care. The 2 homes are staffed with 32 Haitian national employees from our community who fill various positions including nannies, security, cooks, housekeepers, laundry workers, a teacher and an administrator. Every position is vital in the care of the 70 children! HIS Home has developed an opportunity for you to help care for our children by sponsoring the wages of an employee. Many of our employees are married with families to support, and their employment enables them to provide for the needs of their family. Some of our employees are students and still live with their family members, and their employment supports the needs of their biological family. This program would allow you, your family, or even a group such as a church congregation or Sunday school class to help support employment and bless multiple family members.

As a sponsor, you will receive a photo of the employee with their name, position, and a brief description of their family status and their responsibilities at HIS Home. With your permission as their sponsor, employees will receive your first name only with no personal contact information. This enables the employee to be praying for you.

Sponsors are asked to commit to a 1 year sponsorship, with the option to renew that sponsorship annually. If the employee leaves HIS Home, you will be offered the option to continue sponsoring their replacement. Sponsorship amounts are based on an average wage per employee. A full sponsorship is $150 per month, a shared half-sponsorship is $75 per month, and a shared third-sponsorship is $50 per month. If sponsors would like to share a special blessing with the employee as a Christmas gift, that gift of any amount can be donated with your November sponsorship payment and will be given to the employee with their December wages. If at some time, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to continue your sponsorship please notify us.

If you are willing to sponsor an employee at HIS Home For Children, please contact Chris at and indicate that you are interested in becoming a full, shared half, or shared third sponsor. You will receive your employee sponsorship packet right away! Thanks for consider blessing HIS Kids by supporting our Employee Sponsorship Program!

Haitian Interdenominational Shelter
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