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Mission Trips

We consider this a two-way service to provide for believers in Jesus Christ to come to H.I.S. Home for short-term trips. Individuals and groups can contact us, provide your concept for coming to Haiti and we will start a dialogue.


Some examples that work great:

  • Teams coming to provide hands-on maintenance at our four houses. (Typically Haitian houses are rented/paid on an annual basis with the renter responsible for maintaining the property.)

  • Individuals wanting to come work for a few days. We usually have broken bikes or other projects.

  • Medical - for example, Physical Therapists - Our Special Needs home will keep you busy!

  • Missional ministry students who want to come and explore what the Gospel means in a place like Port-au-Prince.

  • Local church representatives who want to consider financial support for H.I.S. Home or other Haitian ministries.


Contact Hal @ Email Hal and we can discuss all of the how/when/where.


Please let us know that you have read our HIS Home Orientation when you contact us about visiting.

Haitian Interdenominational Shelter
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