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H.I.S. Home For Children is a U.S. registered orphanage located at Delmas 33, Rue Charbonnieres #123, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Believing that the needs of all children are best met in the care of a permanent, loving family, H.I.S. HOME has facilitated the adoptions of over 300 children to homes in the U.S., Canada and France.

Adoption is not possible for all the children brought to us, H.I.S. HOME has worked diligently to develop programs for the children in our care that will spend their lives in Haiti. H.I.S. HOME welcomes and cares for many special needs children, many who are severely impaired. Through proper nutrition, therapies, medical interventions and loving care, we strive to provide the best long term solutions for these unique and special children.

H.I.S. Home for Children is an IRS registered 501c3 charitable organization, overseen by a Board of Directors, and is funded solely through the generous giving of our supporters.

H.I.S. Home currently operates out of two large residential homes in Port au Prince.  Our Boys and Special Needs house focuses on the long term and lifetime care of the 16 total care needs children and 14 School age boys. Special wheelchairs, therapies and other amenities focused on improving the quality of life for these children is our focus as H.I.S. Home commits to caring for these special kids for their entire lives, or until God puts them into families or calls them home.  The infants, toddlers, and older girls live in the Main House.


For over fifteen years, H.I.S. HOME for CHILDREN has developed a multi-faceted approach to meeting the needs of the children of Haiti. Our main focus has always been to address the safety and spiritual needs of these children by introducing them to the love of their savior, Jesus Christ. We also strive to meet their physical needs through shelter, medical care, proper nutrition and education.


We welcome your prayer, questions, support, and mission adventures.


Hal and Chris Nungester, along with 35 Haitian staff members work in two homes with 70 children. Boys and girls range in ages from birth to 18. While some of the children are orphans, many have been abandoned to the home by parents who are unable to provide for them due to extreme poverty. Most of the children come with medical conditions resulting from years of malnutrition, but improve quickly with three nutritious meals a day, vitamins, necessary medicines, and purified drinking water.

H.I.S. Home also provides nanny training that is open to locals who pay $50 (Haitian) to attend and receive a full refund upon completion of the training. The graduates are given a certificate that is then honored at many other Haitian orphanages.

The founders of H.I.S. Home for Children, Hal & Chris Nungester, were married in 1974 and have raised six grown children, and currently have their four Haitian children with them at H.I.S. Home. Hal, who has a MBA as well as being a licensed pastor, has worked in youth ministry as well as the business community. He serves as Executive Director of H.I.S. Home for Children, taking care of everything from vehicle repair to budgeting. Chris, who has a MSW, spent 10 years as a Paramedic in Emergency Medicine and was a Licensed Social Worker with an emphasis in child welfare. Chris oversees the daily activities at H.I.S Home, using her experience in mothering, social work, and medicine to nurture the children.

HIS Home has 2 residential homes in the Delmas District of Port-au-Prince. You can see an overview of the houses Google Map of Port au Prince denoting the H.I.S. Home for Children houses.


Older girl's room:

The Main House is where the older girls, toddlers, and infants live.  We also have an older Boy's House and the Special Needs House.

HIS Home sends most of the school-age children to a French Canadian missions school. School is held in the on-site classroom for children who cannot attend the missions school. Our Christian teacher conducts the classes in both English and Creole, with the older students transitioning to also learning French. The 4 year olds attend pre-school classes in the Main Home. The older children integrate into the local Christian school through sponsors and the local church. They are all preparing for the Haitian National Graduation Exam.

On Sunday mornings, Sunday school classes are taught at H.I.S Home for our children. Following Sunday school, Pastor Hal leads the children through teaching and worship at the H.I.S. Home Main House.  The oldest children are allowed to integrate into a local congregation.


Haitian Interdenominational Shelter
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